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Titanic-Verein Schweiz
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You can also send a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We are sorry…

…that our site is mainly in German, but please stick with us! In the Swiss Titanic Society (= Titanic-Verein Schweiz = TVS) we have members from all over the world and in recent years have welcomed English speaking members from Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Ireland and the Channel Islands.


Our quarterly society magazine „Titanic Post“is published as an e-paper in .pdf format; texts can easily be copied/pasted into a translator tool. In addition, quite a few of the older issues contain a section called „Hands across the sea“. This provides condensed versions of the major featured articles in English. Several of our writers are English speaking and we translate their work into German for the magazine. It might be useful to contact us and ask if there is an English version available. Also, as many of our non-German speaking members have agreed, you will find that our often unique photos alone are well worth becoming a member, even more so since the membership is entirely FREE.

We are proud to publish one of the leading Titanic magazines and often feature exclusive articles and many unique illustrations. To see an overview of the issues of Titanic Post published since 1992, please click here for three sample issues: Titanic Post 99, Titanic Post 55 or Titanic Post 5 (opens as .pdf file on new page).

Titanic im Dock / Captain Smith

Every summer, the Society holds its annual gathering, usually either in Switzerland or Germany. This is because we have a large membership in both countries, so we feel that alternating between the two is fairer for everyone attending as it helps to reduce travel time and costs. At these events, we usually combine the Society’s A.G.M. with lectures, sales tables and visits to Titanic related places nearby. For many years, members from as far as the USA and Britain have traveled to the gatherings and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, with our local members making them welcome by speaking English or translating for those who are unable to do so. To get a feel for these events, take a look at our photo section.

Among other events we organized in 2004 a trip to Ireland for our members. The tour took us to Titanic related sites in Cobh, Dublin and Belfast, including Harland and Wolff. We also visited the old White Star offices in Titanic’s port of registration, Liverpool in England. In 2007, the TVS were among the co-organizers of an International gathering of Titanic Societies in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where many of the victims of the disaster were laid to rest.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the TVS or our magazine. If you would like to become a member you would be most welcome. Membership is absoluteley FREE (no strings attached, no hidden fees).

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If you are with the press and would like our assistance, we are happy to supply you with information on Titanic and maybe even arrange for you to access the extensive photo archives of some of our members. Please feel free to contact us through the press contact form and we promise to get back to you very quickly.

Titanicverein Schweiz

English contact form:

Please fill in the form and then click on „Absenden“, which ist German for „send“ (also: „erforderlich“ means „required“).). An English speaking member will get back to you as soon as possible.